What People Are Saying!

Words can not describe how happy we are with our "Wilson" - JBD

You will be so happy with Jan Pittman on your team. She only knows one way to go at life, and that is with her whole heart.- KK

Can't wait for my Code Blue in 2019!! I'm loving his babies. - BB

Just another example of how GREAT you are as a stallion owner. - TM

Jan Pittman and Scott Kesney - you're two of the absolute best stallion owners & agents out there. - TM

Love those Code Blues. - CC

Jan Pittman & Scott Kesney y'all are the BEST!! - AP

Way To Go! Hooray for the Pittman Team. - CM

So excited about our Code Blue arriving in the spring. - JE

My Code Blue filly is really nice. - AJ

Love your horses - BC

Rosie is really talented - VE

Oh, I want a Code Blue. - JW

Best minded foal. - KK

Best baby we have ever had. Can jog and lope. - GK

Love Code Blues - JH

Thrilled to have a Code Blue in my arms - AMR